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What kind of study spaces do you have, and where are they?

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The Library has 9 small group meeting spaces which can accommodate groups of up to 6 people. These spaces can be reserved at the Library's Service Desk in two-hour blocks or on SpaceBook. To use the video displays on the fourth and fifth floors, the Multimedia cabinet keys can be checked out from the  Desk. These study spaces are open while the Walker Building is open, but can only be reserved and ... read more

Can I use the Library?

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Do you have a valid Emerson ID or an ID from a Fenway Libraries Organization (FLO) school? If so than you can use the Iwasaki Library whenever it is open. Be sure to bring your ID with you for building entry. If you are a researcher not affiliated with a FLO institution, contact or 617-824-8674 for information about access. Arrangements must be made in advance: there is no wa ... read more

How long do I get to keep books I check out? How much are late fees?

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This handy little table might help you out. Patron Type Borrowing Period Grace Period Fines per item Students 28 Days 7 Days .25/Day, $15 Max. Full-time Faculty up to one year* none No fines Part-time Faculty Semester Loan 7 Days No fines Staff Semester Loan 7 Days .25/Day, $15 Max. Alumni 28 Days 7 Days .25/Day, $15 Max. Consortium Borrower 28 Days 7 Days .25/Day, $15 Max *Facul ... read more

When are you open? What are your hours?

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Check the Library Hours and Calendar for our current schedule. Library Hours for Fall/Spring Semesters Monday-Thursday 7:45 am–11:00 pm Friday 7:45 am–9:00 pm Saturday 10:00 am– 6:00 pm Sunday Noon–11:00 pm Hours change during intersessions and summer semesters. For full schedule and hours of operation, see the Library Hours and Calendar. Holidays: We open with reduced hours on one-da ... read more

Can I renew my books online?

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Yes! Through the Library Catalog, you can use your Emerson Institutional ID Number to access My Account. You can renew books there before their due date. To renew on the due date, you must call (617-824-8668) or come into the Library. Renewal policies for books obtained from other libraries are determined by the owning library.

Where can I find DVDs, videos and CDs? Can I check them out?

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The majority of videos are kept in the Media Collection in the Library. To find out if you can check out a video or audio item, the chart below may be helpful. Patron Type CDs, LPs, audiotapes Circulating DVDs Teaching Collection DVDs, VHS, 16mm Students 28 Days 7 Days can only be viewed in the Library Faculty Term Loan 7 Days 2 weeks Staff Term Loan 7 Days 24 hours, if not needed for cla ... read more

Do I have access to other libraries in the area?

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If you are a current Emerson student, faculty, or staff member, you can access and check out circulating books from any of the Fenway Libraries Organization member libraries including:  Emmanuel College Lesley University MCPHS MassArt New England Conservatory of Music Roxbury Community College Simmons College Suffolk University Wentworth Institute of Technology Wheelock College With your Emerson ... read more

Where are all the computers in the Library?

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There are over 50 computers in the Library: 15 Mac kiosks in front of the Desk 1 Windows kiosk with a scanner in front of the Desk 5 Mac kiosks across from the Desk 1 Windows kiosk with Adaptive software and a scanner across from the Desk 3 Mac kiosks in the stacks 20 dual-boot iMacs in the Library Classroom  1 Windows kiosk next to the printers for viewing microfilm 6 Macbook Air available for c ... read more

I'm taking WR121: Research Writing, where can I get help?

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We have a Research Guide just for WR121: The guide has lists of resources available at Emerson for each type of assignment: memoir, graphic novels, research papers, etc. You can also contact a Librarian; we're happy to help! Our contact info is located on the right-hand side of this page: you can email, call, or instant message us.

I'm an alumni, how do I get a borrowing card?

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An alumni identification card is required for building access and to check out books. Contact the Office of Alumni Relations to obtain an alumni card. To request library borrowing privileges, print and fill out the Application for Library Privileges, and return it to the Alumni Office. Applications may be faxed to 617-824-7807 or mailed to: Office of Alumni Relations Emerson College 120 Boylston S ... read more

How many books can I check out?

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As many as you need, or can reasonably carry. Really. Try it out sometime.

Can I print from my laptop to the Library's printers?

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Yes! To set up your laptop to print to the library printer, follow the instructions on the Emerson Lab Operations site.

What can I access when I'm not at the library? Does the library offer remote access? Can I access databases, ebooks, or videos from off campus? 

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Yes. Anyone affiliated with Emerson College - current students, faculty, or staff - can access most of our online library databases*, ebooks, and streaming video from any computer with internet. Access databases, ebooks, and streaming video through the Iwasaki Library website. Enter your Emerson username and password when prompted. Read our alumni policy for remote access to resources. Watch an 11 ... read more

What software is available in the Library Classroom ("computer lab")?

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The highlights are Microsoft Office, the full Adobe Suite, Final Draft,  QuarkXPress, and SPSS. For a detailed listing, see the Software Availability Chart from the Emerson Helpdesk. The Library Classroom is listed as "LEC."

I have a citation for a book or article. How do I get the full text? What is Full Text Finder? How do I know if the library has access to a specific eJournal, online magazine, or e-newspaper?

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Watch a short video on how to find online access to a specific magazine, newspaper, or journal title through Iwasaki Library. Or, scroll through 10 screenshot slides of the same. Find articles: Search for the name of the journal in the Full Text Finder Choose a database with your desired date range of article full text, e.g. 2004 to present Navigate to the correct volume, issue, and page number, ... read more

Where is the Library?

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The Library is on the third floor of 120 Boylston Street, the Walker Building. Use your favorite online map directions, or see our Directions page to learn how to navigate the Boston streets or public transportation. The closest T station is Boylston St.

What should I do if I can't find a book on the shelf?

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Ask for help at the Desk. The book may be checked out, recently returned and not yet reshelved, or missing. We will try to track the item down for you.

I'm out of Print Credits and ECcash. How can I print? How do I add more money to my card?

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To print, you need to refill your card with ECcash. You can do that online (where it shows up immediately). During business hours, you can also email your print job to the Emerson Print & Copy shop (located at 100 Boylston St.) and pay with a credit card ($1 minimum). Their address is 

I want to use the Emerson Archives, how do I do that?

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The Archives are open to students, faculty, staff, and the public by appointment only. Appointments may be made: Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–4:00 pm. To schedule an appointment, please call 617-824-8679 or For more information about our Archival collections see our website.

How do I borrow a laptop? Or an iPad?

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You may check one out at the  Desk. We have six Mac laptops that can be checked out for two hours at a time and must be used in the Library. We have 3 iPad 2 devices that you can check out for 2 days at a time.

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