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How do I find printed plays in the library? I need a monograph play, not an anthology of monologues. Actually, a Samuel French or New Dramatist Play Service publication would be great. I need to see complete printed plays and choose a monologue from one.

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The best way to find plays in the library is to search by publisher's name. There are three major publishers that produce tons of monograph plays: Samuel French, Dramatist Play Service, Theatre Communication Group.

  • In the library catalog, go to the Advanced Search tab. Use the dropdown menu to search by Publisher Name. Set Location to Emerson. Try a particular publisher from the list above!
  • Or go to the Find Plays box on our Performing Arts Research Guide! DONE.

Why are monograph plays so hard to find? Because academic libraries in the U.S. are organized by Library of Congress subject headings. Literature is a subject encompassing fiction, nonfiction, plays, poetry, essays, and criticism on all the aforementioned types of literature. Within the literature section of the library: plays are smooshed together and are arranged by author last name. Anthologies and monologues are in adjacent sections. Which means it's easier to find monograph plays by using an Advanced Search in the library catalog, or by using the Find Plays link above.

Bonus: Try our online database of fulltext plays, Drama Online! Note: plays with a padlock symbol are unavailable.